party glitter EP, bushwick brooklyn

Milly Beau was a project started when i realized i was not gonna forge ahead with my international affairs degree from the George Washington University. i’d always sang and written a bit, but i started working with the guys from a hip local indie band called Exit Clov, and i was hooked. we played black cat, rock & roll hotel, and the velvet lounge. besides being lead singer, i became a micro korg efficianado. then we made moves to bushwick and created several EPs under the name Milly Beau, released by Greenhouse Records. The first EP ‘Party Glitter’ was recorded in our Bushwick Apt above a party supplies store called …Party Glitter. Songs from this project can be heard on MTV’s Lady Gaga Documentary and Catfish the tv show. i think i was in glamour magazine and italian vogue bc of that project… for exactly what reason i cannot recall.

Boh Doran